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brew what you love, simply. keurig. . the candidates are still working for your vote. good afternoon, i am torii campbell. the presidential candidates are working right up to the last minute. >> i call to say thank you, i know you guys are working so hard. >> that was a phone call from president barack obama to campaign workers in other states from the field office in chicago from president barack
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obama's south side home. he also spend time calling from wisconsin making his last appeals for support and sharing his enthusiasm for support. >> i end up having so much confidence in the decency and goodness and wisdom of ordinary folks who are working so hard trying to move their own small piece of this country to move forward. >> reporter: the president is spending the day in chicago downtown in a hotel with a victory where he will be giving a concession speech or victory speech. the contender for mitt romney is one last day on the campaign trail in massachusetts. >> thank you, see you guys. mitt romney and his wife
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ann cast their votes this morning and he then flew to ohio with his running mate ryan. ohio could determine the outcome of the election because it is considered a key battleground state. >> they will decide who the next president will be. we all care very deeply about ohio. >> mitt romney is also heading to pennsylvania for a campaign event in pittsburgh before he returns home to massachusetts later this evening. paul ryan and vice-president joseph biden is on the move with his wife jill and his son beau who is attorney general of delaware. you are looking at a rare event and vice-president joseph biden arrived at the same time ryan was leaving and his plane was parked behind two mitt romney planes in cleveland ohio.
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earlier paul ryan voted with his wife janet and he also spent time giving his kids a short civic lesson while he was there. after a shortstop ellen the day watching returns in boston at mitt romney headquarters. and there are other important races on the ballot in states across the country and later we will talk about initiatives to legalize same sex marriage and the battle for control of congress. and thousands of people from all over the bay area have already cast their ballots. jeanine is where a high turnout is, jeanine, what does it look like out there so far? >> reporter: people are coming here from the registrar's office and it is all set up so cars can drive through and drop off their ballots.
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those election workers are handing out the i voted stickers. car after caroled through at the registrar's office each person personning their vote by male. >> i am dropping off my wife's ballot and i think it is an exercise of freedom here. >> reporter: election workers were on hand to assist when the poles were on hand at 6:00 a.m. 46 of the ballots have been returned so far. inside the registrar's office, ballots are being separated working them out and smoothing them before they go in the tally machine. >> we really want them to complete it and deliver it to any of the drop off sites including any polling site. we have to have all ballots by 8:00 p.m. tonight. >> some people wanted to vote in person. she was beaming and this was
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her first election. >> i have been waiting for -- many years to become a citizen to vote because it is important for our children. >> reporter: for the presidential election draws in voters and for others, it is the local election that matters. >> it is so important because the school district that i live in, the schools are really bad there and i want to make sure that the schools improve. >> some people brought their children to vote this morning and it is a way to show them the importance of having their voices heard. now the polls will remain open until 8:00 p.m. tonight. jeanine della vega, ktvu channel 2 morning news o-- ktvu channel 2 news. they have 32 restrictions and political contributions by payroll deductions and prop 33 would allow them to set prices
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based on auto insurance coverage and prop 35 increases prison sentences from human trafficking convictionings and a yes-vote on prop 37 will require labeling of food with genetic material and prop 838 is the dueling initiative of 30, and it will increase personal income tax rates to raise billions for education childcare and preschool. and one of the main architects, governor brown voted yes on prop 30 and they will tell us about the last minute push to get the measure passed. good morning, alex. >> the governor warned about severe cuts to public education as he came here in the oakland hills to cast his ballot just a few hours ago.
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meantime penns of prop -- proponents of prop 30 think it will fail. >> reporter: he walked in aroundp 30 -- 7:30 this morning and he spent a few minutes filling out his ballot and laid out information on prop 30. >> it means billions of dollars out of the schools and that's done. a yes-vote means billions of dollars into the schools. >> reporter: prop 30 raises income taxes on those making more than $250,000 with that going to an education fund to community colleges. if it goes down, education takes a $6 billion hit but they can't believe voters are not interested in a tax hike. the votessers with americans for prosperity. the governor is trying to scare
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tactics. >> the governor could have tried anything to that as far as triggers go. >> reporter: the governor said there is no fall back plan if 30 fails and that's a nerve wracking scenario for dozens who rallied outside this area. >> layoffs will happen because of it, school years will be short ended. >> prop 38 another tax measure to fund education but right now 38 is lagging with support in the poles. the governor told us, he is done campaigning for proposition 30. he plans today it's all in the hands of voters. all level savage -- all remembering -- alex savage ktvu channel 2 morning news. they are voting on whether to abolish the death penalty.
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they have both people on both sides of the debate and that's coming up in four minutes. a work shooting in fresno has left one person kid and four wound including the suspected gunman. a parole lee open fired on apple valley farms. the suspected gunman lawrence jones clocked in around 5:00 a.m. and a few hours later began shooting. >> it is difficult to say at this point if in fact there was a specific target that jones was looking for. again he had been inside 3.5 hours and there was something that must have provoked this incident that perhaps occurred today or maybe was building up to today. >> reporter: the deceased victim is a 32-year-old and another man is in serious condition and two others are critically wounded and the suspect is in critical
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condition with a self-inflicted gunshot wound. what others are saying on proposition 34. and it has been a beautiful few days. up ahead, when you can expect cold and rain. they are working the phones at the last minute to try to get people out to vote. [ female announcer ] this is the story of joycelin...
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. a massive effort is underway in new york and new jersey to make sure victims of super storm sandy can still cast their ballots. they signed executive orders to allow them to cast provisional ballots. some are set up by tents under generators. and ballots will be counted after the general election. there is a big decision to make about repeeling the death penalty and it is gaining national attention. good afternoon brian. >> reporter: what it would do is pass and give death row inmates life without the
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possibility of parole without the chance of parole. they say if the pressure is past it would save millions of dollars. they are expected around 5:00 this afternoon but prop 34 would save the state $134 million that would otherwise be used for long drawn out cases and it would require them to work and their wages would be sent to crime victims. they are asking california to show compassion. >> even if guilty, that is not what america stands for. we are setting a trend, is that what we want to stand for as americans. i said no, we want to put people to death but not put our children through school? this makes no sense. >> reporter: meanwhile, we spoke with mark who is a
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staunch opponent of proposition 34 and he said in terms of cost it would not save the state money and instead it would tap into the fund he released this information money used by supporters and not only does this eliminate justice crime victims are looking for but for him this is a piece of legislation that is personal and could be a public safety issue. >> there is no humanity in bleeding for the lives of these monster, they never once considered the lives of their victims, whether it was a child or lady or cop, they did this because they are killing machines. >> reporter: a recent field pole however suggests it needs more work in order for this to pass but if it does pass in california, others would follow and so far other places do have
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the death penalty. ktvu channel 2 news. >> right now volunteers in the bay area are trying to make a last minute 14 encourage others to go out and cast their ballots. at the campaign headquarters, volunteers started trickling in at 6:00 a.m. and they received a phone list to help with any questions voters might have. they are focusing on key battleground states to vote democrat. one volunteer shared her strategy. >> we don't really convince them. we just say -- we share with them our own personal experience. i mean there is nothing better than your own personal experience. >> and republicans were just as busy trying to get the word out about mitt romney. they also participated in phone banking and they are taking advantage of every last minute before the poles close.
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>> first we target the ones who don't go very often and with the time we had left we go ahead and contact those more often because they don't need as much encouragement. >> voters are planning to finish strong and they say they will be working the phones through this evening. among the local measures is wanted in contra costa county. they are deciding if there should be a tax on sewed do. -- soda. a similar tax is on the ball hot in -- ballot in los angeles and if approved it would be the first of its kind. in the count trip going to the polls a lot of races and issues are being decided and they would include both houses of congress and the house of representatives is up for reelection and 33 seats in the u.s. senate and 33 are up for
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grabs. they need four additional senate seats to take control and there are two hot button issues, washington state and oregon colorado could become the first state to release small amounts much pot. they will decide whether or not to legalize same sex marriage. it has been rejected in all 32 states that held popular votes on the issue. as the poles start to close on the east coast, you can go to our website and you can still find your polling place and a state by state break down of what is next. a driver is being honored for his actions during the world series victory. he kept his passengers safe while his bus was set on fire
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on third and market streets. according to the san francisco chronicle, he evacuated his bus after somebody started smashing the windows. police are looking for somebody seen on video starting the fire. good afternoon, most live blue skies, for the afternoon giving you a live look from mt. diablo, good air quality, good to moderate around the region and plenty of sunshine. 73 in santa rosa, livermore for you, 78 into san jose, along the coast reported at passive can, 74 in san francisco, these numbers are warmer and all in
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awe well above average. by wednesday we are looking at a cool down and a drop in temperatures are looking anywhere from 5 to 10 degrees and wednesday is sort of a transition day and thursday, we are talking the possibility of snow levels down to 2 5,000 feet with this storm so you know it is going to be a cold storm. a winter weather advisory is already anticipated for the sierra and the ridge of high pressure is beginning to break down, yesterday it was a clear art. we are now beginning to see this push a little bit east and we are beginning to fill it. this system is showing not a lot of rain but the possibility even to our local mountains. the clouds in the fog will be backup as early as tomorrow morning. it takes late morning until early afternoon a front moves
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through and it looks like it's going to linger. unstable weather at least through friday and very cool temperatures and i will show you what to expect. 83 for petaluma, 83 in kingfield. and up a long the east bay shore line, 80s for livermore as well as concord. 82 saratoga. 82 santa cruz. san mateo, 72 expected in san francisco and these numbers are near record, just shy of breaking records so if we do tie a record for the afternoon we will let you know and there is the extented forecast. in the forecast for the afternoon thursday friday it's going to be cold and meanwhile in the weekend we rebound and cold mornings and tomorrow afternoon warmer day is expected. it is among the top 10 where biking to work is
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popular. they saw 36% and that puts us 7th on the national list. nearly 3-point 5% use their bike to get to school or work. washington d.c. tops the list. and they are expected in a couple of days and why one of the best well-known beers is angry with people who made a popular movie.
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. major stock indexes are still high on the final hour of trading and they are waiting at the finish line, taking a look at the big bored, nasdaq up 3 and s&p 500 up 11. police are telling shoppers to beware of heavy traffic in the area. the new mall is located off 580 and traffic delays will be expected throughout the weekend with the high number of shoppers. police want to remind drivers to lock their cars while shopping. and anheuser busch wants out and it is about a high functioning alcoholic and he is shown in the movie, drinking while driving a car. they want them to remove the
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budweiser label from the entire film. anheuser-busch never spoke with anybody about including their product. when san francisco compares the cost of the celebration to the money made, according to a report, they spent 22 $5,000 on parade costs but the money spent by parade visitors could be anywhere from 20 to $40 million. they are looking for a way to restore a sailboat that was flipped over and destroyed last months. they plan to use shards and make it into a flying device. they are using a tiny model of the boat to participate in the red bull and they will compete
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to see how far they can launch on to a 34-foot platform. channel 2 news at 5:00, our election coverage begins at 4:00 and state and country, once again, the early addition begins at 4:00. thank you for watching ktvu channel 2 news and we'll see you the next time news breaks. ?o?ooooóññ q
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